Careprost – Promotes Eyelash Development

Impresszum Fórumok Terápia, mellékhatások Careprost – Promotes Eyelash Development

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      Careprost treatment may cause changes to your eyes, including dark circles around your eyes or in the iris, sunken eyes, drooping eyelids, skin tightening around the eyes, and abrupt growth of eyelashes. Usually transient, these adverse effects go away when the therapy is stopped. An excessive amount of pressure within your eye can harm your vision. Take it on a regular basis as directed by your physician. The pressure in your eye won’t be managed if you stop taking it. Before using, read the directions on the label. Without touching the eye, bring the dropper up close to it. Squeeze the dropper gently, then insert the medication into the lower eyelid. Empty the excess liquid.

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