How to Take Cenforce Tablet?

Impresszum Fórumok Tünetek, diagnózis How to Take Cenforce Tablet?

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      Use the medicine according to the instructions of the doctor otherwise, you might get side effects. Further instructions are given below:

      • The patients are usually told to take the pill orally with water, no other liquids should be used.
      • Swallow the pill as a whole don’t chew or crush it as it can affect the function of the drug.
      • You can take it on an empty stomach, it is better not to take it after eating oily food.
      • Limit your alcohol consumption and smoking habits during this treatment.
      • Take  the pill a maximum of 40 minutes before engaging yourself in sexual activity.
      • Check instructions on packaging and expiry date etc. And Cenforce 200 reviews before ordering it online.
      • Take only one pill in 24 hours otherwise, you may suffer from overdose symptoms.
      • A témakör módosításra került: 2 months, 1 weeks telt el-damsonpharmacy.
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